The times they are a-changing

The times they are a-changing.

It’s the year 2013 and Bob Dylan’s song and album from 49 years ago is relevant still. This past year I have had my ear to the ground even more so than in the past as I presented the weekly technology/digital “what’s happening” meeting for my agency that I call “The Internet This Week!” Forever inquisitive and relatively excitable, sharing the most amazing interesting and hilarious things that a small collection of others and I found on the Internet that week was easy.

What it has indirectly stuck with me though is that while technology is growing, and growing faster and faster smarter and smarter every day, society is not. Because of the increased access and the rapid adoption of technologies is happening so fast, I believe too fast. For this reason it is inevitable that companies will rise and fall. Jumping from bandwagon to bandwagon. We are in the hipster startup age.

How a video goes viral

How a video goes viral
Any of you could be famous, but there are over 48:00 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute.  Only a tiny percent have more than 1M views.  How do these videos go viral?

Three ways:

  1. Tastemakers
  2. Communities of participation
  3. Unexpectedness

Introduce us to new and exciting things and bring them to a larger audience (like Jimmy Kimmel).  Tastemakers make the community.

Community participation:
We are a remix culture; collaborations are commonplace.  Creativity is inspired within the community, we don’t just enjoy, we participate.
A community collaborates (remixes, parodies, aka does something new with it)


What does this mean??

  • Taste Makers
  • Communities of participation
  • Unexpectedness

Are characteristics of a new type of media and a new type of culture where anyone has access, and an audience decides the popularity.

The above was taken from:
Kevin Allocca: YouTube trends manager. “Why videos go viral” TED talk. February 2012.